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Smallest Planet in Our Solar System

Mercury is one of the diverse celestial bodies in our solar system and grabs attention as the most intriguing due to its diminutive size. With a primary radius of only 2,440 kilometres, Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.

Planets of Solar System with Their Radius

S. No.PlanetRadius (in km)Radius (in mi)
1.Mercury2,440 km1,561 mi
2.Venus6,052 km3,760 mi
3.Earth6,371 km3,959 mi
4.Mars3,390 km2,106 mi
5.Jupiter69,911 km43,441 mi
6.Saturn58,232 km36,184 mi
7.Uranus25,362 km15,759 mi
8.Neptune24,622 km15,299 mi

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