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Singapore Presidential Election 2023 Voting

Singapore Presidential Election 2023 Voting – Today, On 1 September 2023, Presidential elections are being held in Singapore. It is the 6th elected Singaporean presidential election, as well as the third to be contested by more than one candidate.

The candidates contesting in the election will be Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Ng Kok Song, and Tan Kin Lian, who will be all independents or may have resigned from any political parties that they had previously been members of. The winner is scheduled to be announced on 14 September as the 9th President of Singapore.

President of Singapore

The president of Singapore is known as the head of state of the Republic of Singapore. The incumbent president is Halimah Yacob, who assumed the charge on 14 September 2017. She is also the first female president in the country’s history.

The president of Singapore holds the highest annual remuneration for the appointment of an executive president in the world at S$1.54 million or US$1.1 million.

Voting underway in Singapore’s Presidential Election

Polling Day is being conducted on 1 September, where polls are opened between 8. a.m. to 8. p.m.; the winner of the election is decided through the first-past-the-post voting (FPTP), and will be announced on 14 September. The election will witness m 2,709,455 eligible voters cast their votes, up from 2,653,942 from the most recent general election in 2020 and 2,274,773 from the last contested presidential election in 2011.

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