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Shradh 2023: Start date, timing, rituals and significance

Shradh 2023: Start date, timing, rituals and significance– In India, people will be preparing for Shradh 2023, alternatively referred to as Shraddha Paksha. This auspicious phase comes within the final fortnight of the Indian month of Bhadrapada, also called Bhadon. During this Bhadon period, which will start on September 29 and conclude on October 14, 2023, Hindus will have the opportunity to pay tribute to their ancestors and show reverence for their departed loved ones in the observance of Pitru Paksha.

Shradh 2023: Start date

During the 15-day period, rituals related to Pitru Paksha will be conducted, encompassing spiritual ceremonies and offerings of food to honour the departed. Pitru Paksha has a profound religious importance for Hindus, as its main purpose of these 16 days is to pay homage to one’s ancestors and ancestors.

The commencement of Shradh 2023 start date is September 29, 2023. Another term for Pitru Paksha is Shraddh Paksha, and will begin on Bhadrapada Purnima Tithi, specifically on September 29, 2023, as per the Drik Panchang.

Shradh 2023: Timing

Shradh 2023 will start on Friday, September 29. It will commence with Purnima Shraddha (the full moon) on September 30 and end with Pratipada Shraddha (the first day). Bhadrapada Purnima will continue until 3:26 PM on September 29th, after which the Krishna Paksha of the Ashwin month will commence. This marks the initiation of Pratipada Shraddha at 12:21 p.m. on September 30th, in accordance with the Drik Panchang (Hindu calendar).

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