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Shaurya KGC Card by HDFC Bank

Shaurya KGC Card by HDFC Bank –

  • HDFC Bank has introduced the Shaurya KGC Card. this card will be for Indian armed forces personnel. they will use this to take agriculture loans. The Shaurya KGC Card will give benefits to over 45 lakh Indian armed forces personnel.

Benefits –

  • This card will help to 5 lakh military and paramilitary professionals to meet their family’s agricultural needs. the card is offering outstanding features and professionals who are far away from their homes they will get advantages.

About “Shaurya KGC Card”:

  • Shaurya KGC Card will be available for short-term loans and long term loans.
  • The Card will also cover 10 lakh rupee life cover and 2 lakh rupees for an average card.

How to get Shaurya KGC Card –

One needs to visit HDFC Bank Branches and then apply for a loan using HDFC Bank’s e-Kisan Dhan app and One can dial the toll-free number (1800 120 9655).

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