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Rudolf Abel Quiz

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Rudolf Abel Quiz Questions and Answers

Q.1 When was Rudolf Abel arrested by the FBI?
Answer – 21 June 1957

Q.2 Rudolf Abel’s original name was?
Answer – William August Fisher

Q.3 When was Rudolf Abel born?
Answer – 11 July 1903

Q.4 Where was Rudolf Abel born?
Answer – Newcastle upon Tyne

Q.5 In which year, did Rudolf Abel join GPU?
Answer – 1927

Q.6 Rudolf Abel entered the USA under what name?
Answer – Emil R. Goldfus

Q.7 For how many years, was Rudolf Abel’s given sentence?
Answer – 30 years’ imprisonment

Q.8 Who was the American spy swapped for Rudolf Abel?
Answer – Francis Gary Powers

Q.9 When was Rudolf Abel dead?
Answer – 15 November 1971

Q.10 In which city, did Rudolf Abel die?
Answer – Moscow

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