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RSCIT Questions And Answers Set 3

RSCIT Questions And Answers Set 3 – The Computer Question Bank will help you in preparing for RS-CIT, CC, Patwar, O-Level, B.Ed., PGDCA, RPSC, SSC, Railways, Bank (PO, Clerk), LDC, Airforce, Delhi Police, Raj. Police, Navy, army, and much more.

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RSCIT Set 3 – Computer Introduction Related Questions and Answers

Q 1. Which of the following drives computer hardware and serves as a platform for other software to run?

A) Operating System
B) Application Software
C) a & b
D) None

Answer – A

Q 2. Which is an Output device?

A) Scanner
B) Platter
C) Tape
D) Software

Answer – B

Q 3. Which of the following is a limitation of a computer system?

A) Speed
B) Accuracy
C) Hard Work
D) lack of intelligence

Answer – D

Q 4. Which is the system software?

A) Window 7
B) Page Maker
C) Notepad
D) Photoshop

Answer – A

Q 5. Mainframe computers are cheap. is it right or wrong?

A) Yes
B) No
C) Can not say
D) None

Answer – B

Q 6. Which is not a computer classification?

A) MainFrame
B) MaxFrame
C) Mini
D) Notebook

Answer – B

Q 7. Does the office software suite include?

A) Word Processing
B) Spreadsheet, Database
C) Presentation, E-Mail
D) All

Answer – D

Q 8. There are two major types of software.

A) System Software and Application Software
B) Orcal and JAva
C) Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel
D) None

Answer – A

Q 9. Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Printer, Motherboard, Memory, Chips, Electronic Circuit, Capbel, and switch are called?

A) Software
B) Hardware
C) A) & B)
D) None of these

Answer – C

Q 10. For which of the following purposes is the computer being used at home?

A) Social Media
B) School Homework
C) Entertainment
D) All

Answer – D

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