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RattanIndia launches its first anti-drone ‘Defender’

RattanIndia launches its first anti-drone ‘Defender’ – RattanIndia Enterprises launched its first anti-drone product named ‘Defender.’ Defender anti-drone has been developed by RattanIndia Enterprises’ step-down subsidiary Throttle Aerospace Systems. Rattan India runs its drone business in India through NeoSky India.

  • Defender anti-drone is made of 70% indigenous product with a 30% import component of BLDC motor and batteries.
  • The manufacturing of anti-drones will be held at Throttle Aerospace’s Bengaluru manufacturing facility.
  • The drone uses a net to capture the rogue drone.
  • It must be at a distance of 30 m to effectively project the net.
  • The anti-drone can move at a top speed of 26 m/s with a range of up to 20 km in a single flight.

Defender Anti Drone

  • It can work both manually and via artificial intelligence and even can also help to adjust its position as per the rogue drone movement.

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