In order to make rapid testing for COVID-19, India Collaborated with Israel


rapid testing for COVID-19

  • India has partnered with Israel country in order to make rapid testing for COVID-19 in under 30 seconds. both nations will use technological expertise, development and production capabilities. firstly, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) Hospital will get the trials at a large sample of COVID-19 infected patients for 4 different kinds of technologies such as Voice test, Breath analyser test, Isothermal testing and Polyamine acid testing are included.

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Voice test– this test will use artificial intelligence(AI) in order to identify changes in the infected patient’s voice.

Breath analyser test– it will need the patient to blow into a tube and tube will detect a COVID-19 virus using terra-hertz waves.

Isothermal testing– It will enable identification of the COVID-19 virus in a saliva sample.

Polyamine acid testing– It will see to isolate proteins which are related to COVID-19.

Results Duration –

  • The results will be given in the period of two weeks. if results get successful then mass-manufactured will be started in the country and dispatched to the market by Israel and India jointly.

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