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Quordle 490 Answer Today 29 May 2023

Quordle 490 Answer Today 29 May 2023: Hints and Clues To Find the Solution – Quordle is a 5-letter word guessing game, but each guess is lettered on four words at once. Users will be so excited to solve the Quordle 490 level today, 29th May 2023, here, you will find hints and clues to solve today’s Quordle level and maintain the winning streak.

Quordle Answers May 29, 2023 – 490 Hints Today

Puzzle NameQuordle Answers today
Quordle developerFreddie Meyer
Playing modeonline
Official websitewww.quordle.com

Quordle Today answers 29 May 2023

The four words for daily 490 Quordle are:


Daily Quordle 490 hints

1. Today’s words start with P, M, P and C.

2. The words finish with E, H, T and O. 

3. Word 1 clue – written or spoken language in its ordinary form, without metrical structure.

4. Word 2 clues – eat (something) steadily and often audibly.

5. Word 3 clue – the central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates.

6. Word 4 clue – short for the condominium.

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