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Quiz on Road Safety

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and MyGov is conducting the ‘Quiz on Road Safety’, aimed at engaging citizens in an informative and enjoyable way.

Quiz on Road Safety – Details

Quiz nameRoad Safety
Board NameMinistry of Road Transport and Highways
LanguageEnglish and Hindi
Starting date12 Jan 2024, 9:00 pm
End Date12 Feb 2024, 11:30 pm
Number of questions10 questions
Time allowed300 seconds
Official Quiz WebsitemyGOV

Quiz on Road Safety

Question 1.Boarding in and alighting from a vehicle while in motion is

Permitted in bus
Permitted in autorickshaw
prohibited in all types of vehicles

Question 2. When your vehicle is being overtaken, you should

Obstructing the other vehicle from overtaking
Increase the speed of your vehicle
Not obstruct the other vehicle from over taking

Question 3. How many people can be carried on top of a fully loaded truck?

As per permit

Question 4. Your vehicle has hit a parked vehicle. The owner of that vehicle could not be traced out at the time, you must

Drive away from the accident spot and clear the damage at the earliest
Inform the insurance authorities as soon as possible
Inform the police station having jurisdiction over the place in which the accident occurred within 24 hours

Question 5. When approaching a right hand curve, The driver should keep left to

Improve visibility of road
Avoid skidding
Overtake a vehicle

Question 6. Clutch riding means

Using clutch frequently
keeping a foot on the clutch pedal throughout driving
Not using clutch at all

Question 7. When is overtaking prohibited?

When it is an inconvenience or danger to other traffic
When the vehicle in front is reducing speed
During night

Question 8. Which of these lights will come after amber at a traffic light

Blinking red

Question 9. A school bus can be identified by

Cream yellow paint
Red paint
Green paint

Question 10. Rear view mirror is used for

Seeing driver’s face
Watching the traffic approaching from behind
Seeing passenger in back seat


All the participants will get an E-Certificate of Participation.


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