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Quit India Movement Day: Know about August Kranti in 1942

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Quit India Movement Day: Know about August Kranti in 1942

The day of 8th August is observed as Quit India Day every year to commemorate the anniversary of the Quit India Movement. this day is also known as August Kranti Day. on 8th August 1942. Father of Nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi launched Quit India Movement at the All-India Congress Committee session in Bombay. The Quit India Movement is also known as the Bharat Chhodo Andolan. In 2021, Indians are celebrating the 79th anniversary of Quit India Day.

  • The main objective of this movement was to end British rule in India. Since the protest was conducted by freedom fighters in August. to pay tribute to freedom fighters who laid their lives for the nation, the celebrations are held every year in India.
  • Gandhi also delivered his speech and commenced the Quit India Movement, at Mumbai’s Gowalia Tank Maidan, popularly known as August Kranti Maidan. The ‘Do or Die’ speech was given from the statge.


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