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Purple Day for Epilepsy 2023: History, Significance

Purple Day for Epilepsy 2023: History, Significance– Every year, Purple Day for Epilepsy is observed on March 26, aimed at raising awareness around epilepsy, a common neurological disease. The day was established by Cassidy Megan in the year 2008 after she struggled with epilepsy and the social stigma that surrounds the condition.

  • The day aims to increase public awareness and understanding of epilepsy, and also, encourages individuals and communities affected by epilepsy to talk about it openly and support one another.
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Purple Day for Epilepsy: History

  • Cassidy Megan introduced the concept of Purple Day in 2008 to promote awareness about epilepsy and to reassure those who have seizures that they are not alone and she struggled with epilepsy herself.
  • In 2009, Cassidy Megan worked with The Epilepsy Association of The Maritimes and The Anita Kaufmann Foundation for Purple Day.

Inspirational Quotes for Epilepsy

  1. Know me for my abilities, not my disability. — Robert M. Hensel
  2. There’s no reason why a person with epilepsy can’t play sports or pursue their dreams. I’ve learned to live with it, the fear of the unknown, because I want to really live life, and for me, that means playing ice hockey. — Chanda Gunn
  3. There’s nothing more debilitating about a disability than the way people treat you over it. ― Solange Nicole
  4. My condition, epilepsy, is a brain disorder, not a disease. There’s a difference. You catch diseases. No one can “catch” epilepsy. ― Marjorie Jackson

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