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Popeye Day – January 17, 2024

People celebrate Popeye Day on January 17 every year. Popeye debuted in a comic strip titled “Thimble Theatre.” Elzie Crisler (E.C.) Segar initiated it on January 17, 1929. The comic was originally focused on Olive Oyl, however, the popularity of Popeye changed that. By 1933, Popeye had his cartoon series.

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Popeye Day – History

The Popeye masterpiece was created by the cartoonist and writer from Illinois, Elzie Crisler (E.C.) Segar in 1919. Popeye took years for the first appearance of Popeye. Seger released “Popeye in the Thimble Theatre”.

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Popeye Day – Dates

2024January 17Wednesday
2025January 17Friday
2026January 17Saturday
2027January 17Sunday
2028January 17Monday

Popeye Day – FAQs

Why was Popeye banned?

Popeye has been certified with an age rating of 18 due to smoking.


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