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Penguin Awareness Day 2024

Every year, Penguin Awareness Day is observed on January 20 across the world. the day aims to raise awareness on this crucial matter, and also enjoy fun penguin-themed activities.

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Penguin Awareness Day – Dates

2024January 20Saturday
2025January 20Monday
2026January 20Tuesday
2027January 20Wednesday
2028January 20Thursday

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Penguin Awareness Day – FAQs

Who started National Penguin Day?

Gerry Wallace of Alamogordo, California, started National Penguin Day by writing the event on his wife’s (Aleta’s) calendar in 1972.

Who was the first to see a penguin?

In 1487, the men on the ‘Bartolomeu Dias de Novaes’ expedition were the first to witness penguins.


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