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NITI Aayog begins NDC- Transport Initiative for Asia(TIA)

NITI Aayog begins NDC Transport Initiative for Asia (TIA)

NITI Aayog has started off NDC ( Nationally Determined Contributions) – Transport Initiative for Asia (TIA). the main purpose of it is to set up a multi-stakeholder dialogue and create a team. the team will provide their support on Greenhouse Gas emission reduction across the country.

NDC-TIA is also considered as the part of the International Transport Forum (ITF)’s work which is about to Decarbonise Transport in the country and NDC also includes Decarbonising Transports in Emerging Economies – India component.

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Highlights –

  • NDC-TIA team will be in working for a period of four years.
  • The team will continue working and will get the support of India’s govt agencies, researcher, civil society organisations and so on.
  • The main aim of it is to enhance support the development of policies and regulations so that electric vehicle charging infrastructure could be increased and the country could adopt EVs.
  • The team will offer policy recommendations on electric vehicle (EV) demand and supply policies.
  • The program will help in supporting the country’s NDC targets through the transport sector.

About NITI Aayog –
Formed – 1 January 2015
Headquarters – New Delhi
Chairperson – Narendra Modi


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