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Nikola Tesla Quiz

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Nikola Tesla Quiz Questions and Answers

Q.1 When was Nikola Tesla born?
Ans – 10 July 1856

Q.2 Where was Nikola Tesla born?
Ans – Smiljan

Q.3 In Which year, Nikola Tesla first saw the Gramme dynamo?
Ans – Graz

Q.4 Name of Nikola Tesla’s first employer in New York.
Ans – Thomas Alva Edison

Q.5 In which year, did Nikola Tesla invent the Tesla coil?
Ans – 1880

Q.6 Name of the person who used Nikola Tesla’s alternating current system at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893.
Ans – George Westinghouse

Q.7 Nikola Tesla discovered terrestrial stationary waves in ———-.
Ans – Colorado Springs

Q.8 Nikola Tesla died on?
a) 7 January 1943

Q.9 Nikola Tesla died in?
Ans – New York

Q.10 What is Tesla called after Nikola Tesla?
Ans – Unit of magnetic induction

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