Naykap Gokab

Naykap Gokab – To promote local innovative ideas and solutions, Bhutan launched Naykap Gokab, a new online platform, which was developed by a group of young software engineers in collaboration with the UNDP, DHI, and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment, the platform connects innovators, policymakers, and investors.

  • Naykap Gokab platform obtained a lot of interest, with more than 80 registrations. The website’s design will ensure that innovators and investors can access it without difficulty.

Purpose of Naykap Gokab

  • The main objective of the Naykap Gokab platform is to promote and cultivate the innovation ecosystem in Bhutan.
  • Along with it, it will offer a space for people with innovative ideas to share them and find potential investors.

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