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National Quinton Day 2024: Date, History, Significance

Every year, National Quinton Day is celebrated on March 4. Quinton is a British masculine name with a long history and meaning. Quinton’s term has been derived from the Old English words ‘cwen’ and ‘tun’. The name is used to point to the queen’s settlement.


Quinton is a name and was arrived in England during the 11th-century wave of migration triggered by the Norman Conquest in 1066. The name Quinton has been derived from St. Quinton, also called St. Quentin, a third-century missionary in Gaul. The variations of Quinton are Quentin, Quintan, Quintin, Quinn, and Quincy. 

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2024March 4Monday
2025March 4Tuesday
2026March 4Wednesday
2027March 4Thursday
2028March 4Saturday

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Is Quinton a common surname?

Quinton is no longer a very well-known name.

What are the Quinton’s nicknames?

Nicknames for Quinton are Quin, Quinn, Quinnie, Quinny, Quint, Quintie, and Quinty.

What is the right way to say Quinton?

‘Quinton’ into: [KWIN] + [TUHN].

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