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National Panchayati Raj Day 2023: Theme, History

National Panchayati Raj Day 2023: Theme, History – Every year, National Panchayati Raj Day is observed on April 24 to raise awareness about the panchayats and gram sabhas along with local self-governments in rural India. it marks the establishment of the first Panchayati Raj system in India on April 24, 1993.

  • National Panchayati Raj Day aims to mark the constitutional amendment that created the Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) in India.
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) are considered the third tier of governance in India, after the central and state governments, and are responsible for local-level governance in rural areas.
  • This day is celebrated to commemorate the passing of the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act in 1992.

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National Panchayati Raj Day 2023: History

  • In 1959, the Jawaharlal Nehru-led government first introduced the Panchayati Raj system in modern India.
  • On 24th April 2010, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared to observe National Panchayati Raj Day.
  • On that day, the Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992 was passed.
  • The First Time, this day was observed by the Rajasthan state that implemented the Panchayati Raj System in 1959.
  • the Amendment was cleared Officially on 24th April 1993 and this day becomes National Panchayati Raj 2020 Day across the country.

National Panchayati Raj Day 2023: Theme

  • The theme for the National Panchayati Raj Day 2023 is ‘Sustainable Panchayat: Building Healthy, Water Sufficient, Clean & Green Villages.’ aimed at promoting sustainable development in rural areas by ensuring the availability of clean water, promoting good health practices, and creating a clean and green environment.

National Panchayati Raj Award Celebration Week

  • It is observed to recognise the efforts of panchayats in achieving these goals and to encourage further progress towards sustainable development.

National Panchayati Raj Day 2023: Awards

The award will be presented in the following five categories:

  • Deen Dayal Upadhyay Panchayat Sashaktikaran Purushkar
  • Nanaji Deshmukh Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Pushkar
  • Child-friendly Panchayat Award
  • Gram Panchayat Development Plan Award
  • e-Panchayat Puraskar

Panchayati raj system in India

  • The Panchayati raj system in India has been divided into three levels including 1) Gram panchayat at the village level, 2) block panchayat or panchayat Samiti at the intermediate level, and 3) Zila panchayat at the district level.
  • Balwant Rai Mehta proposed the decentralisation of gram panchayat and is also known as the ‘Father of Panchayati Raj’.

Launching of Swamitva Scheme – 

  • The Prime Minister will also commence a Swamitva Scheme that will provide a helping hand in integrated property validation solutions for rural India.

e-Panchayat Puraskar

The ranking of the following States that have been adjudged for e-Panchayat Puraskar under both the categories is as follows:

The Winning States under Category I:

  • 1st Place – Karnataka
  • 2nd Place – Chhattisgarh
  • 3rd Place – Odisha and Uttar Pradesh

Winning States under Category II:

  • 1st Place – Tripura
  • 2nd Place – Assam
  • 3rd Place – Sikkim

eGramSwaraj – Government eMarketplace Integration

  • On the occasion of National Panchayati Raj Day, eGramSwaraj (eGS) was launched on 24th April 2020 to operate as a single window solution for all day-to-day functioning of the Panchayats from Planning to Online Payments.


  • SVAMITVA (Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas) is a Central Sector Scheme that has been launched by the Prime Minister on 24th April 2020 on the occasion of the National Panchayati Raj Day.
  • The main objective of the SVAMITVA Scheme is to provide “Records of Rights”/ Property Cards to rural household owners of the inhabited area of the village.
  • The scheme covers multifarious aspects viz. facilitating monetisation of properties and enabling bank loans; reducing property-related disputes; comprehensive village-level planning.
  • SVAMITVA Scheme will help in enhancing the socio-economic profile of the Panchayats, making them self-sustainable.
  • The Scheme covers each section of society including SCs, STs, differently-abled, minorities, women and other vulnerable groups.

National Panchayati Raj Day 2023: FAQs

Who is the father of Panchayati Raj?

In 1957, The Balwant Rai Mehta Committee was created to examine the work of the Community Development Programme (1952) and the National Extension Service (1953), to suggest measures to improve their work. MP Balwantrai Mehta was the head of this Committee.

What is Panchayat Raj Diwas?

On that day, the Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992 was passed.

When did Panchayati Raj start?

Panchayati Raj started functioning on 2 October 1959.

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