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National Nothing Day – January 16, 2024

Every year, National Nothing Day has been observed on January 16 in the United States since 1973 to provide Americans with one National Day when they can just sit without celebrating, observing, or honoring anything.

Nothing Day is an “un-event” proposed in 1972 by journalist Harold Pullman Coffin. In the United States, the 3rd Monday of every January is inaugurated as Martin Luther King Jr. Day which falls between the 15th and 21st.

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National Nothing Day – History

The journalist Harold Pullman Coffin proposed National Nothing Day as a “non-event” to be celebrated by doing nothing every January 16 in the year 1976. In 1977, the day made “Chase’s Calendar of Events,” a publication that commemorates annual occasions in print since the 1950s. National Nothing Day is sponsored by Coffin’s own “National Nothing Foundation.”

In 1956, the Associated Press broadcasted the proclamation by Mayor James W. Morgan of Birmingham, Alabama of a “National Nothing Week” to be observed from 26 February through Friday 3 March.

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National Nothing Day – Dates

2024January 16Tuesday
2025January 16Thursday
2026January 16Friday
2027January 16Saturday
2028January 16Sunday

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Nothing Day – FAQs

Is National Nothing Day a government holiday?


Who is Harold Pullman Coffin?

He is known as the founder of the National Nothing Foundation and was a columnist for the San Francisco Examiner in the 1970s.

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