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National Nachos Day 2023: Date, History, Significance

Every year, National Nachos Day is celebrated to commemorate this delicious snack. People will be gearing up to celebrate the Day for this year. Nachos are crunchy, cheesy, spicy and delicious and are the favourite snack for every situation.

National Nachos Day 2023: Date

Every year, National Nachos Day is observed on November 6. This year, National Nachos Day will be observed on a Monday.


The origin of nachos can be traced back to Piedras Negras, Mexico – across the border of Texas, USA. In 1943, the wives of the American soldiers stationed nearby visited a restaurant that was associated with Ignacio Nacho Anaya. However, They came late and there were not many ingredients left in the kitchen to make a proper meal. So, he created an experimental dish with tortillas, shredded cheese and jalapeno peppers. He baked everything together and served it.


The best way to celebrate Nachos Day is to visit Piedras Negras – the place where it all started. Moderna Restaurant is a place where Ignacio Nacho Anaya used to work, and you can have nachos there to celebrate the special day.

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