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National Human Trafficking Awareness Day – January 11, 2024

Every year, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is observed on January 11. The day aims to raise awareness of the persistent issue of human trafficking. Also, January month is recognized as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. It is dedicated to awareness and prevention of the illegal practice. In 2007, the Senate established this day. The day is separate from the World Day Against Trafficking Persons, as designated by the United Nations.

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In 2000, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act introduced modern-day slavery and became the first federal law to do so. In 2007, the United States Senate approved the resolution to designate the day of January 11th as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In 2010, President Obama marked the entire month of January to create awareness and prevention of human trafficking.

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2024January 11Thursday
2025January 11Saturday
2026January 11Sunday
2027January 11Monday
2028January 11Tuesday

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