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National Bird Day 2024

National Bird Day is celebrated on January 5 every year, aimed at raising awareness of the value of tiny tweets in the ecosystem. The Avian Welfare Coalition works hard to promote awareness for birds that are captured or produced in captivity for either financial gain or for human amusement. Also Read – National Birds Day 2024: List of Indian State Birds

  • The Day is celebrated for nature lovers, ecologists, and bird watchers to learn about endangered bird species.

National Ellen Day – January 5, 2024


Every year, Birds Day is observed on January 5. This year, National Birds Day will take place on a Friday.

2024January 5Friday
2025January 5Sunday
2026January 5Monday
2027January 5Tuesday
2028January 5Wednesday

National Keto Day – January 5, 2024

National Bird Day History:

National Birds Day has been celebrated Since 2002 in America. The date was selected because it also happens to be the day of the yearly Christmas Bird Count. The national holiday is celebrated in America where citizens join hands together to achieve details about the quality and condition of the birds in the United States of America.

National Screenwriters Day – January 5, 2024

National Bird Day 2024 – Celebrations

  1. Go birdwatching – You can go to a local park or nature reserve and see how many different birds.
  2. Build a bird feeder – You can also hang a bird feeder in your backyard and watch the birds come to eat.
  3. Make bird crafts – People can build birdhouses, bird mobiles, or even just colour pictures of birds.
  4. Learn about birds – You can also read books or articles about birds or can see documentaries.
  5. Donate to a bird conservation organization – You can donate some amount of money to organizations that work to protect birds and their habitats.


Is there a National Bird Day?

Yes, it is on January 5 every year.

Why is National Bird Day celebrated?

The Day aims to appreciate everything these great animals do and to raise awareness for the adversity they face daily.

Which day is celebrated on 5th January?

National Bird Day is celebrated on January 5.

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