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Mongolia Independence Day – December 29, 2023

The Independence Day of Mongolia is the main public holiday in Mongolia. Mongolia Independence Day is celebrated every year on 29 December. It highlights Mongolia’s independence from Qing China in 1911. The day has been celebrated annually in Mongolia since 2011. Independence Day is also the term used for Constitution Day on November 26.

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Mongolia Independence Day 2023 – Overview

Native nameҮндэсний эрх чөлөө, тусгаар тогтнолоо сэргээсний баярын өдөр (Tusgaar Togtnoliin Üdür)
Date29 December
LocationMongolia, Main celebrations take place in Ulaanbaatar


In 1911, the Xinhai Revolution started and Outer Mongolia declared its independence on December 29, 1911. The newly founded Bogd Khanate of Mongolia led by the Bogd Khan lasted for 8 years until it was occupied by the Republic of China in 1919, however, the country regained its independence on 11 July 1921.


2023December 29Friday
2024December 29Sunday
2025December 29Monday
2026December 29Tuesday
2027December 29Wednesday

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When did Mongolia get independence?

Mongolia gained independence on September 14, 1921.

When did Mongolia gain independence from China?

Mongolia gained independence from China in 1911 after the collapse of the Qing dynasty.


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