HomeNewsNational#modi_rojgar_do: Why it is trending all need to know

#modi_rojgar_do: Why it is trending all need to know

#modi_rojgar_do: Why it is trending all need to know

The employment issue is burning once again on social media platforms such as From Twitter to YouTube. Students are surrounding the Modi government at the Centre for employment. The hashtag ‘#modi_rojgar_do’ is being a trend on Twitter as well as YouTube since Sunday.

On Twitter, the threat of ‘Modi Rozgar Do’ is such that over 20 lakh tweets were submitted in a single day. A number of youth and students are participating in this campaign and as well as teachers who give online coaching, are joining this campaign.

These people have said that this hashtag (#) is just beginning, the real blast will be made on February 25th 2021. There is a plan to take this campaign to the next level from 11 am that day.

Note: this text has been translated from Hindi to English language. Source and link provided below.

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