MoD inks Rs 1700-cr pact with BAPL for dual-role BrahMos missiles

MoD inks Rs 1700-cr pact with BAPL for dual-role BrahMos missiles – The Ministry of Defence signed a Rs 1,700-crore deal with BrahMos Aerospace Private Limited (BAPL) for the acquisition of dual-role capable surface-to-surface BrahMos missiles for deployment on warships of the Indian Navy. Dual-role capable surface-to-surface BrahMos missiles deal will help in enhancing the operational capability of Indian Navy fleet assets.

  • BrahMos missile’s name is a combination of the names of the Brahmaputra and Moskva rivers.
  • A joint venture company set up by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Mashinostroyenia of Russia, BrahMos Aerospace has designed, developed and produced the BrahMos missiles.
  • It will enhance the range and dual-role capability for land as well as anti-ship attacks.

BrahMos missiles

  • BrahMos Missile is a two-stage missile with a solid propellant booster engine.
  • the missile gets supersonic speed and then gets separated in the first stage.
  • The liquid ramjet or the second stage brings the missile closer to three times the speed of sound in the cruise phase.
  • The ‘fire and forget’ type of missile can get a cruising altitude of 15 km and a terminal altitude as low as 10m to hit the target.
  • The enhanced range version of the BrahMos Missile has a range of 4,000km.

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