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Mermaid Day – March 29, 2024

Every year, Mermaid Day is observed on March 29. The day marks the fabled creature that’s appeared in literature, mythology, music, films, and pop culture. It aims to learn about their ancient origins, history, and cultural significance.

History of Mermaid Day

The existence of mermaids in human culture was associated with the 1000 B.C. in Assyria. As per the mythology, the fertility goddess Atargatis became a mermaid into the lake.

How to Celebrate Mermaid Day?

Mermaid-themed parties – You can conduct Mermaid-themed parties which are perfect for little girls who decided to dress up as Ariel from “The Little Mermaid,”

Read the books about mermaids – You can read the books from Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid,” Greek and Roman Mythologies.

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Facts about Mermaids

As per the literary history, there are the four kinds of mermaids including traditional, selkies, shape-shifters, and merfolk.

It is said that mermaid tears turn into a gem called “aquamarine”. The gems can be used by sailors for healing and protection.

It is said that Mermaids have beautiful singing voices.

The mermaid only lives in the sea.

As per Starbucks creative director Steve Murray, the mermaid is the company’s biggest symbol.

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Why we love Mermaid Day?

imagination – It also opens the concept of folklore and myths. the ambiguous existence of mermaids drives their creative juices.


2024March 29Friday
2025March 29Saturday
2026March 29Sunday
2027March 29Monday
2028March 29Wednesday


When is Mermaid Day?

March 29, 2024


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