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List of Longest Coastline in India

List of Longest Coastline in India – Gujarat is one of India’s longest coastlines, that is covering 24% of the nation’s shore. In this article, you will find the list of Longest Coastlines in India.

Longest Coastline in India

Here, you can check out the list of Longest Coastlines in India:

S. No.State NameLength
1.Gujarat1,600 km
2.Tamil Nadu1,076 km
3.Andhra Pradesh975 km
4.Maharashtra720 km
5.Kerala580 km
6.Odisha485 km
7.Karnataka320 km
8.West Bengal210 km
9.Goa160 km

Longest Coastline in India: Gujarat

Gujarat is one of India’s longest coastlines and it covers 24% of the nation’s shore. The Length of the Coastline is 1,600 km. Extending along the Kathiawar region to the Arabian Sea, beaches like Nagao, Dwarka and more are here. Gujarat has a total of 41 seaports. The Gulf of Kutch is known for islands like Jamnagar coast, Marine National Park and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the longest coastline in India?

Gujarat has the longest coastline, and its length is approximately 1,600 km along the Arabian Sea.

Which is the second longest coastline in India?

Tamil Nadu has 1,076 km along the eastern Coromandel Coast, and is India’s second-largest coastal state.

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