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List of Governors of Mississippi USA

List of Governors of Mississippi USA – In this article, you will find all the Governors of Mississippi, the list of Governors of Mississippi, all the Governors of Mississippi with their tenure, and political party.

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List of Governors of Mississippi USA (1859 – 2023)

S.n.GovernorTerm FromTerm ToParty
1David Holmes10 December 18175 January 1820Democratic-Republican
2George Poindexter5 January 18207 January 1822Democratic-Republican
3Walter Leake7 January 182217 November 1825Democratic-Republican
4Gerard Brandon17 November 18257 January 1826Democratic
5David Holmes7 January 182625 July 1826Democratic
6Gerard Brandon25 July 18269 January 1832Democratic
7Abram M. Scott9 January 183212 July 1833Democratic
8Charles Lynch12 July 183320 November 1833Democratic
9Hiram Runnels20 November 183320 November 1835Democratic
10John A. Quitman3 December 18357 January 1836Whig
11Charles Lynch7 January 18368 January 1838Democratic
12Alexander G. McNutt8 January 183810 January 1842Democratic
13Tilghman Tucker10 January 184210 January 1844Democratic
14Albert G. Brown10 January 184410 January 1848Democratic
15Joseph W. Matthews10 January 184810 January 1850Democratic
16John A. Quitman10 January 18503 February 1851Democratic
17John I. Guion3 February 18514 November 1851Democratic
18James Whitfield24 November 185110 January 1852Democratic
19Henry S. Foote10 January 18525 January 1854Union Democratic
20John J. Pettus5 January 185410 January 1854Democratic
21John J. McRae10 January 185416 November 1857Democratic
22William McWillie16 November 185721 November 1859Democratic
23John J. Pettus21 November 185916 November 1863Democratic
24Charles Clark16 November 186322 May 1865Democratic
25William L. Sharkey13 June 186516 October 1865Provisional
26Benjamin G. Humphreys16 October 186515 June 1868Democratic
27Adelbert Ames15 June 186810 March 1870Military
28James L. Alcorn10 March 187030 November 1871Republican
29Ridgley C. Powers30 November 18714 January 1874Republican
30Adelbert Ames4 January 187429 March 1876Republican
31John M. Stone29 March 187629 January 1882Democratic
32Robert Lowry2 January 188213 January 1890Democratic
33John M. Stone13 January 189020 January 1896Democratic
34Anselm J. McLaurin20 January 189616 January 1900Democratic
35Andrew H. Longino16 January 190019 January 1904Democratic
36James K. Vardaman19 January 190421 January 1908Democratic
37Edmond Noel21 January 190816 January 1912Democratic
38Earl L. Brewer16 January 191218 January 1916Democratic
39Theodore G. Bilbo18 January 191618 January 1920Democratic
40Lee M. Russell18 January 192018 January 1924Democratic
41Henry L. Whitfield22 January 192418 March 1927Democratic
42Dennis Murphree18 March 192716 January 1928Democratic
43Theodore G. Bilbo16 January 192819 January 1932Democratic
44Martin Sennett Conner19 January 193221 January 1936Democratic
45Hugh L. White26 January 193616 January 1940Democratic
46Paul B. Johnson, Sr.16 January 194026 December 1943Democratic
47Dennis Murphree26 December 194318 January 1944Democratic
48Thomas L. Bailey18 January 19442 November 1946Democratic
49Fielding L. Wright2 November 194622 January 1952Democratic
50Hugh L. White22 January 195217 January 1956Democratic
51James P. Coleman17 January 195619 January 1960Democratic
52Ross R. Barnett19 January 196021 January 1964Democratic
53Paul B. Johnson, Jr.21 January 196416 January 1968Democratic
54John Bell Williams16 January 196818 January 1972Democratic
55William Waller18 January 197220 January 1976Democratic
56Cliff Finch20 January 197622 January 1980Democratic
57William Winter22 January 198010 January 1984Democratic
58William Allain10 January 198412 January 1988Democratic
59Ray Mabus12 January 198814 January 1992Democratic
60Kirk Fordice14 January 199211 January 2000Republican
61Ronnie Musgrove11 January 200013 January 2004Democratic
62Haley Barbour13 January 200410 January 2012Republican
63Phil Bryant10 January 201214 January 2020Republican
64Tate Reeves14 January 2020IncumbentRepublican

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