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JNTUK R19 B.Tech CSE 2-1 Python Programming Material/ Notes PDF Download

Students who are studying JNTUK R19 CSE, IT Branch, can check and download Unit wise R19 2-1 Python Programming Material PDFs below.

JNTUK R19 B.Tech CSE 2-1 Python Programming Material – Units

No. Of UnitsName of the Unit
Unit – 1Introduction, Data Types, and Expression, Decision Structures and Boolean Logic
Unit – 2Control Statement, Strings, and Text Files
Unit – 3List and Dictionaries, Modules
Unit – 4File Operations, Object Oriented Programming
Unit – 5Errors and Exceptions, Graphical User Interfaces


Introduction: Introduction to Python, Program Development Cycle, Input, Processing, and Output, Displaying Output with the Print Function, Comments, Variables, Reading Input from the Keyboard, Performing Calculations, Operators. Type conversions, Expressions, More about Data Output.

Data Types, and Expression: Strings Assignment, and Comment, Numeric Data Types and Character Sets, Using functions and Modules.

Decision Structures and Boolean Logic: if, if-else, if-elif-else Statements, Nested Decision Structures, Comparing Strings, Logical Operators, Boolean Variables. Repetition Structures: Introduction, while loop, for loop, Calculating a Running Total, Input Validation Loops, Nested Loops.


Control Statement: Definite iteration for Loop Formatting Text for output, Selection if and if else Statement Conditional Iteration The While Loop

Strings and Text Files: Accessing Character and Substring in Strings, Data Encryption, Strings and Number Systems, String Methods Text Files.


List and Dictionaries: Lists, Defining Simple Functions, Dictionaries Design with Function: Functions as Abstraction Mechanisms, Problem Solving with Top Down Design, Design with Recursive Functions, Case Study Gathering Information from a File System, Managing a Program’s Namespace, Higher Order Function.

Modules: Modules, Standard Modules, Packages.


File Operations: Reading config files in python, Writing log files in python, Understanding read functions, read(), readline() and readlines(), Understanding write functions, write() and writelines(), Manipulating file pointer using seek, Programming using file operations

Object Oriented Programming: Concept of class, object and instances, Constructor, class attributes and destructors, Real time use of class in live projects, Inheritance , overlapping and overloading operators, Adding and retrieving dynamic attributes of classes, Programming using Oops support Design with Classes: Objects and Classes, Data modeling Examples, Case Study An ATM, Structuring Classes with Inheritance and Polymorphism


Errors and Exceptions: Syntax Errors, Exceptions, Handling Exceptions, Raising Exceptions, User-defined Exceptions, Defining Clean-up Actions, Redefined Clean-up Actions.

Graphical User Interfaces: The Behavior of Terminal Based Programs and GUI -Based, Programs, Coding Simple GUI-Based Programs, Other Useful GUI Resources. Programming: Introduction to Programming Concepts with Scratch.


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