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Jan suchan portal Rajasthan (राजस्थान जन सूचना पोर्टल )

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Jan soochna Portal 2020:

Rajasthan Suchan Portal 2020 – is a scheme run by the government department, under which information of all government welfare schemes and services will be provided in one place. On September 13, 2019, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot inaugurated the portal in a ceremony held at Birla Auditorium.

This portal has been set up by the Department of Information Technology and Communications. Before the launch of this Rajasthan Jan soochna Portal 2020, peoples had to give a letter according to Section 4 (2) of the Right to Information Act 2005 to get any kind of information and then information had to be updated the information within a period of 120 days.

but, now it changes, this will not happen, now the people of the state will be able to get all the information via this portal sitting at their home. All information related to 33 schemes and services of about 13 departments will be made available to the people of the state on this portal.

Jan Suchan Portal 2020 Important Points –

Name of SchemeRajasthan Jan Suchna Portal
Launch date13 September 2019
Who Launched Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot
DepartmentRajasthan Govt
Type of SchemeState
Official Website

Rajasthan Jan Suchan Portal objectives

  1. The main objective of the Suchan portal presented is to integrate all the citizens welfare schemes running in Rajasthan and to make information accessible to the citizens.
  2. To bring transparency in the functions of the state government.
  3. To make state’s citizens aware against corruption.
  4. Information of people on their own actions, state government and village panchayat.

Names of All 13 departments related to Rajasthan Public Information Portal 2020 – 

  1. Social Justice and Empowerment Department
  2. Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department
  3. People’s Regional Development Department
  4. Department of Primary Education and Secondary Education
  5. Medical Health and Family Welfare Department
  6. Labour and employment department
  7. Department of Mines and Geology
  8. Food and Civil Supplies Department
  9. Department of Energy
  10. Planning and Information Technology and Communication Department
  11. cooperative Department
  12. Administrative Information Department
  13. Revenue Department.

Jan suchan portal Rajasthan Facilites

There is a full list of services by Jan suchan portal rajasthan 2020

  1. महात्मा गाॅधी नरेगा श्रमिक  – अन्य जानकारी
  2. एस बी एम (शौचालय लाभार्थी) – अन्य जानकारी
  3. ई-पंचायत – अन्य जानकारी
  4. मुख्यमंत्री निशुल्क दवा एवं जांच योजना – अन्य जानकारी
  5. आयुष्मान भारत-महात्मा गांधी राजस्थान स्वास्थ्य बीमा – अन्य जानकारी
  6. सूचना का अधिकार – अन्य जानकारी
  7. सार्वजनिक वितरण प्रणाली (राशन) – अन्य जानकारी
  8. राजस्थान किसान कर्ज माफी –  अन्य जानकारी
  9. न्यनतम समर्थन मूल्य पर किसानों से खरीद एवं भुगतान – अन्य जानकारी
  10. शाला दर्पण – अन्य जानकारी
  11. विशेष योग्यजनों की जानकारी – अन्य जानकारी
  12. सामाजिक सुरक्षा पेंशन लाभार्थी – अन्य जानकारी
  13. पालनहार योजना एवं लाभार्थी – अन्य जानकारी
  14. सामाजिक सुरक्षा छात्रवृत्ति – अन्य जानकारी
  15. श्रमिक कार्ड धारक – अन्य जानकारी
  16. खनन और डी एम एफ टी – अन्य जानकारी
  17. स्टेट रेजिडेन्स डाटा (कार्डधारकों की जानकारी)- अन्य जानकारी
  18. ई-मित्र – अन्य जानकारी
  19. गिरदावरी की नकल – अन्य जानकारी
  20. फोरेस्ट राइट एक्ट – अन्य जानकारी
  21. बिजली के उपभोक्ता – अन्य जानकारी
  22. विद्युध निरीक्षक (ईआईडी) – पूरी जानकारी
  23. पी एम किसान सम्मान निधि योजना – पूरी जानकारी
  24. Litigation Information Tracking & Evaluation System –पूरी जानकारी
  25. डिजिटल साइन जमाबन्दी – अन्य जानकारी
  26. राजस्व विभाग (डिजिटल साइन नक्शा) – पूरी जानकारी
  27. संपर्क – पूरी जानकारी
  28. रोज़गार – पूरी जानकारी
  29. राजस्व न्यायालय प्रबंधन प्रणाली – पूरी जानकारी
  30. नगरीय विकास एवं आवासन विभाग – पूरी जानकारी
  31. राजस्थान पुलिस – पूरी जानकारी
  32. प्रशासनिक सुधार एवं समन्वय विभाग – पूरी जानकारी
  33. सोसाइटी रजिस्ट्रेशन एप्लीकेशन (को-ऑपरेटिव) – पूरी जानकारी
  34. ड्रग कंट्रोल ऑर्गनाइजेशन लाइसेंस एप्लीकेशन – पूरी जानकारी
  35. कारीगर पंजीकरण आवेदन की सूचना – पूरी जानकारी
  36. बुनकर पंजीकरण आवेदन की सूचना – पूरी जानकारी
  37. विधिक मापविज्ञान के आवेदन की सूचना – पूरी जानकारी
  38. रीको पानी कनेक्शन (व्यवसायिक) के आवेदन की सूचना –पूरी जानकारी
  39. पी एर्च ई डी पानी कनेक्शन (व्यवसायिक) के आवेदन की सूचना – पूरी जानकारी
  40. पर्यटन परियोजना स्वीकृती के आवेदन की सूचना – पूरी जानकारी
  41. राज उद्योग मित्र के आवेदन की सूचना – पूरी जानकारी
  42. साझेदारी फर्म पंजीकरण आवेदन – पूरी जानकारी
  43. सड़क काटने की अनुमति आवेदन – पूरी जानकारी

How To Register Complaints on Jan Suchan Portal –

जन सूचना पोर्टल पर शिकायत कैसे दर्ज़ करे?

How To Register Complaint
How To Register Complaint
  • All the information asked in this form, such as: mobile number, name of complainant, complaint details, and necessary documents, upload and click on submit button.
  • In this way your complaint will be registered.

Jan Suchna Rajasthan Gov in Helpline numbers:

The govt of Rajasthan has issued some numbers that can be used for information/inquiry. they are – 

  • 18001806127
  • 141-515 3222-21116
  • 0141-222 1424 / 1425
  • 9413387309

How to get connected on Rajasthan Jan Suchna Portal –

  1. To join Jan Suchna Portal first go to its official website.
  2. Then click on (Select / click here).
  3. After that (click here for services or plans) click.
  4. Lastly, you will have a Schemes page open, on which you can click on that plan to get information about any scheme.

For your convenience, Jan Soochna App has also been made available by the government on mobile phones, so that you can get information about various schemes in your app from home. After downloading the mobile application, you can avail the services and schemes in the same way.

To get other information related to Rajasthan Jan Suchna Portal, you can visit the official website portal of this scheme, Jan Soochna Rajasthan gov in. For your comfort, the Rajasthan State Government has also released the Jan Suchna Portal app. With which you can easily avail government schemes and services on your mobile phone while sitting at home.

How to Download Jan sochna Mobile App from Play Store –

The Govt of Rajasthan has provided Jan sochna Mobile App on Play Store, to download Jan sochna Mobile App, there are some steps that you need to follow.

Step 1 – Open play store on your Android Phone.

Step 2 – Top of the Play store You will See a search box.

Step 3 – Type Jan sochna in serch box and click on search icon. there will be some relevant app as shown in image


Step 4 – Select app that is shown in image


Step 5 : it will bring you new page where you can install the App on your mobile. below image


जन सूचना पोर्टल से जुड़े कुछ प्रश्न और उत्तर-

Q.1 What is Objective of Rajasthan Jan Suchan Portal 2020?

The Rajasthan state Govt took the decision to make Rajasthan Jan Suchan Portal 2020. using RajasthanJan Suchan Portal, a common person will be able to get the right information and on right time.

Q.2 What is Jan soochna Portal 2020?

Jan soochna Portal 2020 will provide all Kind of the information on this portal has been made available by the state government in india.

Q.3 Is Rajasthan Suchan Portal official website?

Yes, there is the official website of the Rajasthan Jan Suchan Portal, whose link is

Q.4 How to register your complaint on Jan Suchan Portal?

To register your complaint on the Jan Sochan Portal, can be contacted on 181 or you can send an e-mail to: [email protected], apart from this you can get more information at Can do.

Q.5 Does SSO ID be required to get information from Jan Suchan Portal?

No, SSO ID is not required to get information from Jan Suchan Portal.

Q.6 How to get information on Jan Suchan Rajasthan Portal?

To get information from Jan suchan Portal, you have to go to the official website, whose link is or you can get information by making a call on a toll free number 1800-180-6127.

Q.7 When was Jan Suchan Rajasthan Portal launched?

Jan Suchan Rajasthan Portal was launched on 13th Spetember 2019.

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