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International Day of Neutrality 2023: Theme, History and Significance

International Day of Neutrality 2023: Theme, History, and Significance – Every year, the International Day of Neutrality is observed on 12th December across the world. It aims to raise awareness regarding the importance of neutrality in intergovernmental relations and to strengthen peace and security at the global level. On this day, various types of events are held globally to raise public awareness of the value of neutrality in international relations.

  • In 2017, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the day of advocating and campaigning for intra-state peaceful relations. Switzerland serves as the perfect example of neutrality.

International Day of Neutrality 2023: Theme

  • United Nations focuses on “Preventive diplomacy”, which is the diplomatic action for preventing disputes from escalating into conflicts, as well as limiting the spread of conflicts; as well as “mediate” in inter and intra-state conflicts at all stages, and “peacekeeping”.

International Day of Neutrality: History

Turkmenistan, a country in Central Asia proposed the idea of the International Day of Neutrality. Turkmenistan has been recognised as a permanent neutral state by the United Nations since December 1995.

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) approved the proposal on February 2, 2017. On December 12, 2017, the International Day of Neutrality was designated. The day also marks the link between peacekeeping and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Peace and Cooperation official website Neutrality defines

  • “the legal situation derived from the abstention of a State from any participation in a war between States, the maintenance of an attitude of impartiality towards the belligerents and the recognition by the belligerents of this abstention and impartiality, is extremely important for the United Nations to gain and maintain the trust and cooperation of all to operate independently and effectively, especially in politically charged situations.”

International Day of Neutrality 2023: Significance

  • The International Day of Neutrality reminds us how important neutrality truly is, especially for humanitarian reasons.
  • This day is also a reminder to strive towards peace.

What is Neutrality?

  • Neutrality can be defined as the legal status arising from the abstention of a state from all participation in a war between other states.
  • A neutral country is a state that is neutral towards belligerents in a specific war or holds itself permanently neutral in all future conflicts.

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