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India’s first cryptogamic garden opened in Dehradun


India’s first cryptogamic garden opened in Dehradun

On 11th July 2021, India’s first cryptogamic garden with nearly 50 species of lichens, ferns, and fungi has been opened in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun district. the garden was inaugurated by social activist Anoop Nautiyal, and it is situated in the district’s Chakrata town and at a height of 9,000 feet.

  • Algae, bryophytes (moss, liverworts), lichens, ferns and fungi are the best-known groups of cryptogams that require moist conditions to survive.
  • Deoban has pristine majestic forests of Deodar and Oak which create a natural habitat for cryptogamic species

What is cryptogamic

Cryptogamae referes to the fact that no seed, no flowers are produced, and it means “hidden reproduction”


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