India as 4th largest forex reserves holder


India as 4th largest forex reserves holder

According to the Data of RBI, the Indian foreign exchange reserves have crossed the $600 billion mark for the first time. On 4th June 2021, The Forex reserve of India went up USD 6.842 billion to USD 605.008 billion.

Top 10: List of countries by foreign-exchange reserves

Rank Country Foreign Currency Reserves
(in billions of U.S. dollars)
 1st China $3,399.9
 2nd Japan $1,387.4
 4th Russia $562.3
 5thSaudi Arabia $501.8
 6thTaiwan $479.1* 
 7th Hong Kong $475.6
 8th India $473.3
 9thSouth Korea $409.7
 10th Brazil $359.4


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