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India among world’s top 3 dope violators in latest WADA report

India among world’s top 3 dope violators in the latest WADA report – India has been inducted into the top three of the world’s biggest doping violators in a WADA report. Indian athletes were involved 152 times in dope-related activities in the year 2019 with bodybuilding, weightlifting and athletics contributing majorly to the country’s embarrassing record.

  • World Anti-Doping Agency has released the latest report.
  • As per the report, India is only behind Russia (167) and Italy (157).
  • Followed by Brazil and Iran were placed at 3rd and 4th place with 78 and 70.

WADA report 2021 –

  • Anti-Doping Organisations collected a total of 278,047 samples in 2019 and in which 2,701 (1 per cent) samples were found as Adverse Analytical Findings.
  • In 2021, 1,535 samples (57 per cent) were found as Adverse Analytical Findings by WADA till January 31, 2021.

WADA report 2018 –

  • As per the report India was placed 4th place with 107 ADRVs, behind Russia (144), Italy (132) and France (114) for anti-doping violations in 2018.

WADA report FAQs

What is WADA stand for?

WADA stands for World Anti-Doping Agency.

What is WADA certification?

WADA certification includes testing laboratories that monitor and test athlete compliance with anti-doping regulations.

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