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ICSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2024: Download Class 10th Science Syllabus PDF

ICSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2024: Download Class 10th Science Syllabus PDF – The ICSE board covers Science subjects in Class 10 and has released ICSE Class 10th Science Syllabus 2024 on the official website. Science contains three main divisions: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. in this article, you will find the latest and updated ICSE Board Class 10 Science Syllabus 2024 in PDF format.

ICSE Class 10 Physics (Theory Paper) Exam Pattern

Section I  – Short answer questions – 40 marks
Section II  – 6 questions, 4 are to be solved, 40 marks.

ICSE Class 10 Science Syllabus 2024

The ICSE Class 10 Science Syllabus includes three separate papers Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Each paper holds 80 marks for theory and 20 for internal assessment. The duration of the theory paper is 2 hours. The practical knowledge will be tested through various scientific experiments.

1. Force, Work, Power and Energy

(i) Turning forces concept; moment of a force; forces in equilibrium; centre of gravity. [discussions using simple examples and simple numerical problems].

(ii) Uniform circular motion

(iii) Work, energy, power and their relation with force

(iv) Different types of energy (e.g., chemical energy, Mechanical energy, heat energy, electrical energy, nuclear energy, sound energy, light energy).

(v) Machines as force multipliers; load, effort, mechanical advantage, velocity ratio and efficiency; simple treatment of levers, pulley systems showing the utility of each type of machine.

(vi) Principle of conservation of energy

2. Light

(i) Refraction of light through a glass block and a triangular prism – qualitative treatment of simple applications such as real and apparent depth of objects in water and apparent bending of sticks in water. Applications of refraction of light.

(ii) Total internal reflection: Critical angle; examples in triangular glass prisms; comparison with reflection from a plane mirror (qualitative only). Applications of total internal reflection.

(iii) Lenses (converging and diverging) including characteristics of the images formed (using ray diagrams only); magnifying glass; location of images using ray diagrams and thereby determining magnification.

(iv) Using a triangular prism to produce a visible spectrum from white light; Electromagnetic spectrum. Scattering of light.

3. Sound

(i) Reflection of Sound Waves; echoes: their use; simple numerical problems on echoes.

(ii) Natural vibrations, Damped vibrations, Forced vibrations and Resonance – a special case of forced vibrations.

(iii) Loudness, pitch and quality of sound.

4. Electricity and Magnetism

(i) Ohm’s Law; concepts of emf, potential difference, resistance; resistances in series and parallel, internal resistance.

(ii) Electrical power and energy

(iii) Household circuits – main circuit; switches; fuses; earthing; safety precautions; three-pin plugs; colour coding of wires.

(iv) Magnetic effect of a current (principles only, laws not required); electromagnetic induction (elementary); transformer.

5. Heat

(i) Calorimetry: meaning, specific heat capacity; principle of method of mixtures; Numerical Problems on specific heat capacity using heat loss and gain and the method of mixtures.

(ii) Latent heat; loss and gain of heat involving change of state for fusion only.

6. Modern Physics

(i) Radioactivity and changes in the nucleus; background radiation and safety precautions.

(ii) Nuclear fission and fusion; basic introduction and equations.

Download ICSE Class 10th Physics Syllabus 2024 PDF

Download ICSE Class 10th Chemistry Syllabus 2024 PDF

Download ICSE Class 10th Biology Syllabus 2024 PDF


Where to download ICSE Class 10 Science syllabus 2024-24?

Candidates can download ICSE Board Class 10th Science syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Biology papers from the official website of the CISCE or PrepareExams.

What are the papers in ICSE Class 10 Science syllabus?

ICSE Class 10th Science syllabus includes three papers: Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

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