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How to Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online

How to Update Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online

We will discuss the steps that may help you to Update or Change Mobile Number in your Aadhar Card. here you will get Complete Details about Aadhar Card, how can Phone number be updated, why we need Aadhar Card in 2021 and so on.

What is Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar card is known as an Identity card that has been released by the UIDAI- Unique Identification Authority of India across the country. an Adhaar contains 12-digit unique ID code that is related to individual’s details and biometrics. all kind of information about an individual is stored in the UIDAI database. The govt is using Aadhaar Card as a verification tool to identity citizens. nowadays, Govt has almost made mandatory for citizens to have Aadhaar Card in order to take advantages of Govt Schemes. a Citizen will have to register his/her mobile number with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

Steps on How to Update or Change Aadhar Card Mobile Number Online –

Before updating the Aadhar Card mobile number, check it Mobile number is added or not. if Mobile Number is not added then you will need to go to Permanent Enrolment Centre to get it registered. Otherwise, you can follow these steps to update the Aadhar Card mobile number. they are


  1. Go to UIDAI website at https://uidai.gov.in/
  2. Go to ‘Aadhaar Services” which you can find under the section ‘My Aadhaar. Click on “Verify Email/ Mobile Number”.
  3. Enter 12-digit Aadhaar number.
  4. Enter registered Mobile Number.
  5. Enter the security code
  6. You will get an OTP on your mobile number.
  7. Type OTP and Proceed by clicking on “Verify OTP”.
  8. Click on submit button.

Add New Mobile Number with Aadhaar Card –

  1. Go to UIDAI website https://ask.uidai.gov.in
  2. Enter a Registered phone number and shown captcha.
  3. Enter OTP will be sent to you.
  4. Enter OTP and submit, after it will bring you the Aadhaar service page. Click on update Aadhar.
  5. Enter required details such as Aadhaar number, email id, mobile number and proceed to click on submit button.
  6. Choose the option ‘what do you want to update’.
  7. Choose a mobile number and fill a new number.
  8. Then click on the submit button.
  9. Fill OTP to add new phone and click on save and proceed.
  10. You will be sent a notification to e-check your updated information. Verify and submit after that visit the ‘Book Appointment’ option.


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