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How to join Amazon Quiz Contest

How to join Amazon Quiz Contest

Here, we are going to tell how you can be part of the Amazon Quiz Contest. follow steps to join Online Amazon Quiz Contest.

  • The contest starts at 8.00 and runs till 12.00 pm. (time is according to India Standard Time)
  • Before joining Contest, You will need to download the Amazon App here 
  • Next, You will log in or Create a new account with Amazon.
  • Next, Visit navigation and Go to the Amazon Quiz page. there you will see 5 Questions posted by Amazon.
  • If One gives a correct answer then he/she will receive a lucky draw.
  • The winner could win Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus If they win the contest.

How to play Amazon Quiz Contest?

One can play Amazon Quiz contest through Amazon App only. as a result, the candidate has to download Amazon app in mobile Phone. the Amazon Quiz contest 2020 will be available on both platforms Android or iOS.

  • You will need to download the Amazon App here.
  • Visit Google play store or iOS store for downloading Amazon App in your phone.
  • Open Amazon App and log in to the Amazon. 
  • Go to Amazon Home Page and Go Down you will see a Banner “13 September 2020”, click on it
  • Tap on it and begin playing.

How to Submit Amazon Quiz Contest answers? 

  • Start Playing Contest by clicking on the “Start” button. 
  • Verify 5 questions in the Amazon Quiz. 
  • If a Candidate gives the right answers to all the five questions then he can be a winner of Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.


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