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how to improve general knowledge and current affairs

how to improve GK and Current affairs –

As we all know that general knowledge (GK) and current affairs (CA) are an important part of competitive exams. before improving general knowledge and current affairs we will need to know about general knowledge and Current affairs first.

how to improve GK and Current affairs: General awareness is esteemed data with respect to the social interests of society, network or country accumulated from a scope of different media stages. There are various ways by which one can improve its General information. Henceforth it is precise to state that overall information covers practically all the parts of human life.

Steps to Improve general knowledge and current affairs –

1. Watching TV –

You can watch TV for a few hours per day. it will be good for you if you watch good news channel for a daily bulletin. this step will help to stay connected with latest and trending news. more, you can Watch a popular Indian news channel as well as a foreign news channel. CNN and BBC news channels are one of them.

2. Listen to the Radio –

Listening to the radio can be a habit that will help to improve your current affairs and Gk skills. Smartphones are providing better radio quality than the previous one. I think you must about that there are some radio stations that are hosting short GK quiz contests for their listeners. you can make a connection with them and can be a winner of the good prize.

3. Read Newspapers & Magazines

Reading newspapers is a good habit to boost general knowledge. nowadays younger people are preferring to read newspapers.

Your family should purchase a paper. you should give some time to read shortly consistently perusing significant news and current issues in India and around the globe. you don’t need to waste time reading crime related news etc.

4. General Knowledge Websites –

We are living in the Internet era. This makes it simple to expand fundamental general information. Justifiable, there are innumerable sites where you can get data of various kinds for nothing.

There is just a single peril: all data on different sites may not be veritable or demonstrated. Along these lines, it becomes to visit those sites that are conveying veritable data. such as

5. GK Apps –

Are you using a mobile phone so, you can Download any good app that will help you to boost your general knowledge.

6. Take Quiz Contests

An incredible method to improve your essential general information is by going to test challenges. You will discover schools in your general vicinity leading test challenges as a major aspect of their yearly day festivities.

You can give test based on Daily Current Affairs –

Conclusion – dealing with general knowledge and current affairs is the toughest task of every candidate. but you just need to stay up-to-date with the current happenings and need to make it as a hobby that will boost you GK and CA. now, this is time to make efforts to get your success.


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