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How to Change PhonePe UPI Pin

How to Change PhonePe UPI Pin

  • The purpose of UPI PIN is an alike to ATM PIN. the user has to submit the UPI PIN in order to make payment via a UPI App such as Phonepe. if a user forgets the UPI pin so he/she can change the UPI pin. there are several steps mentioned below.

Steps –

  1. Open Phonepe application in Phone.
  2. Click on the home icon on the top left of the screen.
  3. go to ‘Bank account’ section and here, you will get details of associated bank accounts.
  4. choose the bank that to be needed to reset UPI. then, we see reset UPI option.
  5. Click on ‘Reset BHIM UPI PIN’.
  6. A pop-up will be opened and here you will submit the Last six digits and Expiry date of your Debit/ATM card.
  7. then, click on ‘Continue.’
  8. you will be sent OTP on your registered mobile number and submit OTP.
  9. a popup will be displayed and you will enter the new UPI PIN. Insert new PIN and Click on OK.
  10. it’s Done! Your new UPI pin is updated on the Phonepe app!


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