Global Skills Report 2021 by Coursera: India ranks 67


Global Skills Report 2021 by Coursera: India ranks 67

Coursera has released its report named ‘Global Skills Report 2021’. accrdoing to the report, India has been ranked at 67th place overall globally. India has exhibited a lag in digital skills with 38% proficiency in each global skill domain. Globally, India has ranked 55 in business, and 66 in both technology and data science.

  • On the Asian map, India has been placed at 16, ahead of the Philippines and Thailand, but behind Singapore and Japan.

Global Skills Report analysis: India

  • machine-learning – 52 percent proficiency
  • mathematical skills – 54 percent
  • data analysis – 25 percent
  • statistical programming sector – 15 percent


Rank 1: Switzerland
Rank 2: Luxembourg
Rank 3: Austria

Raghav Gupta, Managing Director for India and the Asia Pacific at Coursera, said, ” The pace of skills transformation is slower than the pace of digital transformation in India, as in the case in several countries across the world”.


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