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GK Quiz on Women Reservation Bill

GK Quiz On Women Reservation Bill – Women Reservation Bill Quiz: The Modi government has taken a major step which will eventually transform the dynamics of women’s participation in politics. Here, you are eligible to take this quiz below to test your knowledge about the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam.

Q.1 What is the official name of the Women’s Reservation Bill?

Ans- Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam

Q.2 When will the Women’s Reservation Bill be implemented?

Ans – After 2029 Elections

Q.3 What is the main purpose of the Women’s Reservation Bill in India?

Ans – Seats for women in legislative bodies

Q.4 Which legislative body in India does the Women’s Reservation Bill main priority on reserving seats for women?

Ans – Rajya Sabha

Q.5 What is the proposed reservation percentage for women in the Women’s Reservation Bill? 

Ans – 33% 

Q.6 In which year, the Women’s Reservation Bill was first introduced in the Indian Parliament?

Ans – 1996

Q.7 How many seats in the Lok Sabha have been proposed to be reserved for women under the Women’s Reservation Bill?

Ans – 181

Q.8 Who introduced the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Indian Parliament? 

Ans – H.D Gowda

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