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GK Questions and Answers on Indian Polity


GK Questions and Answers on Indian Polity

Dear aspirants, we are going to bring a set of questions which are related to the Indian Polity. we have tried to provide topic wise questions. we hope the set will help you in preparing exams.

Q.1 The Directive Principle is taken from which country’s constitution?

(A) UK

(B) Canada


(D) Ireland

Ans. D

Q.2 Which statement is not correct?

(A) Article 40 – The formation of villages’s Panchayat

(B) Article 44 – Uniform Civil Code

(C) Article 41 – Organization of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

(D) Article 39A – Good Justice and Free Legal Education

Ans. C

Q.3 Which articles highlight The elements of the Directive Principle of State Policy?

(A) From Article 36 to Article 51

(B) From Article 12 to Article 35

(C) From Article 5 to Article 11

(D) From Article 2 to Article 4

Ans. A

Q.4 Which statement is right about ‘Directive Principles of State Policy?

(A) They are not moral and political

(B) Their nature is socialist

(C) These are automatically applied on the state

(D) They can be legally enforced by the court

Ans. B


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