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G20 Summit 2023 Schedule

G20 Summit 2023 Schedule – Here’s the complete schedule for all the G20 meetings to be held during India’s presidency of G2O.

DateMeeting NameVenue
13th – 15th December 20221st Sherpa meetingUdaipur
13th – 16th December 20221st Finance & Central Bank Deputies MeetingBengaluru
16th – 17th December 20221st Development Working Group MeetingMumbai
20th December 20221st Framework Working Group MeetingBengaluru
9th – 11th January 20231st Joint Finance and Health Task Force MeetingVirtual mode
16th – 17th January 20231st Meeting for the Global Partnership for Financial InclusionKolkata
18th – 20th January 20231st Infrastructure Working Group MeetingPune
30th – 31st January 20231st Health Working Group MeetingThiruvananthapuram
2nd – 4th February 20231st International Financial Architecture Working Group MeetingChandigarh
31st January – 2nd February, 20231st Education Working Group MeetingChennai
2nd – 3rd February 20231st Employment Working Group MeetingJodhpur
5th – 7th February 20231st Sustainable Finance Working Group MeetingGuwahati
7th – 9th February 20231st Energy Transitions Working Group MeetingBengaluru
9th – 11th February 2023
1st Tourism Working Group Meeting
Rann of Kutch
13th – 15th February 20231st Environment and Climate Working Group MeetingBengaluru
13th – 15th February 20231st Agriculture Working Group MeetingIndore
1st DEWG – Seminar on Digital Inclusion & Excursion22nd – 25th February 2023Lucknow
23rd – 25th February 20231st FMCBG and 2nd FCBD MeetingBengaluru
1st – 2nd March 20231st Culture Working Group MeetingKhajuraho
1st – 4th March 2023G20 Foreign Ministers MeetingDelhi
6th – 7th March 20231st Anti-Corruption Working Group MeetingGurugram
15th – 17th March 20232nd Meeting for the Global Partnership for Financial InclusionHyderabad
20th March 20232nd Education Working Group MeetingAmritsar
21st – 23rd March 20232nd Joint Finance-Health Task Force MeetingVirtual mode
24th – 25th March 20232nd Sustainable Finance Working Group MeetingUdaipur
27th – 29th March 20232nd Framework Working Group MeetingChennai
28th – 29th March 20232nd Environment and Climate Working Group MeetingGandhinagar
29th – 31st March 20231st Trade & Investment Working Group MeetingMumbai
30th – 31st March 20232nd Agriculture Working Group MeetingVisakhapatnam
30th March – 1st April, 20231st Disaster Management Working Group MeetingChandigarh
30th March – 2nd April, 20231st Disaster Management Working Group MeetingGandhinagar
30th March – 2nd April, 20232nd Sherpa MeetingKumarakom
1st – 4th April 20232nd International Financial Architecture Working Group MeetingParis
2nd – 4th April 20232nd Tourism Working Group MeetingSiliguri/Darjeeling
3rd – 5th April 20232nd Energy Working Group MeetingGandhinagar
6th – 9th April 20232nd Employment Working Group MeetingGuwahati
12th – 13th April 20232nd Development Working Group MeetingKumarakom
17th – 19th April 20232nd Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors MeetingWashington DC
17th – 19th April 20232nd Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors MeetingGoa
17th – 19th April 20232nd Digital Economy Working Group MeetingHyderabad
Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists24th – 27th April 2023Varanasi
9th – 11th May 20233rd Education Working Group MeetingBhubaneswar
15th – 17th May 20233rd Development Working Group MeetingGoa
15th – 17th May 20232nd Culture Working Group MeetingBhubaneswar
21st – 23rd May 20233rd Energy Transitions Working Group MeetingMumbai
22nd – 24th May 20233rd Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group MeetingMumbai
24th – 26th May 20233rd Tourism Working Group MeetingSrinagar
25th – 27th May 20232nd Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group MeetingMumbai
1st – 2nd June 20232nd Anti-Corruption Working Group MeetingRishikesh
4th – 6th June 20233rd Employment Working Group MeetingGeneva
5th – 7th June 20233rd Health Working Group MeetingHyderabad
6th – 9th June 20233rd International Financial Architecture Working Group MeetingGoa
11th – 13th June 20234th Development Working Group MeetingNew Delhi
12th – 14th June 2023Development Ministers Meeting Varanasi
12th – 14th June 20233rd Digital Economy Working Group MeetingPune
15th – 17th June 20233rd Framework Working Group MeetingKochi
17th June 20233rd Agriculture Deputies MeetingHyderabad
19th – 20th June 2023Agriculture Ministers Meeting Hyderabad
19th – 21st June 20234th Tourism Working Group MeetingGoa
19th – 21st June 20232nd Trade & Investment Working Group MeetingKevadia
20th – 21st June 20233rd Sustainable Finance Working Group MeetingMahabalipuram
21st – 22nd June 20234th Education Working Group MeetingPune
22nd June 2023Tourism Ministers MeetingGoa
22nd – 24th June 2023Education Ministers MeetingPune
 22nd June 20233rd Meeting for the Global Partnership for Financial InclusionBali
26th – 28th June 20233rd Joint Health-Finance Task Force MeetingVirtual
10th – 12th July 20233rd Infrastructure Working Group MeetingRishikesh
13th – 15th July 20233rd Sherpa MeetingHampi
14th – 16th July 20233rd Trade & Investment Working Group Meeting Bengaluru
15th – 17th July 20233rd Finance and Central Bank Deputies MeetingGandhinagar
17th – 18th July 20233rd Culture Working Group MeetingHampi
19th – 20th July 20233rd Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors MeetingGandhinagar
19th – 20th July 20234th Energy Transitions Working Group Meeting Goa
21st July 20234th Employment Working Group MeetingIndore
22nd July 2023Labour and Employment Ministers MeetingIndore
24th – 26th July 2023Energy Ministers MeetingGoa
26th – 27th July 20233rd Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group MeetingChennai
28th – 29th July 20234th Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group MeetingChennai
9th – 12th August 2023Environment and Climate Sustainability Ministers MeetingChennai
9th – 11th August 2023Anti-Corruption Ministers MeetingKolkata
10th August 2023Ministerial Meeting on Women’s EmpowermentGandhinagar
16th – 18th August 2023Joint Health-Finance Ministers MeetingGandhinagar
17th August 20234th Digital Economy Working Group MeetingBengaluru
18th – 19th August 20234th Health Working Group MeetingGandhinagar
19th August 2023Health Working Group Ministers MeetingGandhinagar
21st – 22nd August 2023Digital Economy Working Group Ministers MeetingBengaluru
23rd August 20234th Trade & Investment Working GroupJaipur
24th – 25th August 2023Culture Ministers MeetingVaranasi
3rd – 6th September 2023Trade & Investment Ministers MeetingJaipur
5th – 6th September 20234th Sherpa MeetingNew Delhi
6th September 20234th Finance and Central Bank Deputies MeetingNew Delhi
7th September 2023Joint Sherpas and Finance Deputies MeetingNew Delhi
8th September 2023Joint Finance and Energy Deputies MeetingNew Delhi
9th – 10th September 2023Joint Finance and Energy Ministers MeetingNew Delhi
9th – 10th September 2023G20 SummitNew Delhi

Member Countries List of G20

G20 countries are – Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the UK, USA, and the European Union (EU).

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