HomeGeneral KnowledgeFlipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Answers Today: 14 November 2021

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Answers Today: 14 November 2021

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Answers Today: 14 November 2021

Here, you can Win Amazing Gifts by attempting Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Flipkart Quiz. the quiz contains 6 (Six) Questions. Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz is based on general knowledge. On this page, you will see Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz all questions and answers which have been given below.

  • Users can also win free vouchers and super coins By Playing Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz and vouchers and super coins can be used to shop items on the Flipkart platform.
  • Here all right Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute ( Baazi Ek Minute Ki ) Answers Today are given below. Start Playing Quiz by clicking on Start Quiz Button.

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz: Details

Quiz NameSirf Ek Minute
Episode No115
Quiz TypeVideo type
Question-Based OnGeneral Knowledge
Where to Play QuizFlipkart Game Zone
Date & TimingDaily 12.00 am to 11.59 pm
Prizes– SuperCoins
– Gift Vouchers

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today 14th November 2021


Ans: Parle G


Ans: Signal


Ans: Manywar Mohey


Ans: Puma


Ans: Hum Apke Hai Koun


Ans: New Language

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Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today 13th November 2021


Ans: Bourbon


Ans: Ostrich


Ans: Ostrich


Ans: Anil Kapoor


Ans: Tata Consultancy


Ans: Code

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today 12th November 2021


Ans: Akshay Kumar


Ans: Howkins


Ans: Punjab Kings


Ans: Ferrari


Ans: Lief Erikson


Ans: Afghanistan

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today 11th November 2021


Ans: Option 4


Ans: Option 2


Ans: Crocin


Ans: CAT


Ans: Wanhkhede Stadium


Ans: Option 3

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today 10th November 2021

Episode 118 -Mazda Ya Maserati

Q.1 Which of these can be used to detect airplanes in the Air?

Ans: Radar

Q.2 Which of these is not a metal?

Ans: Phosphorus

Q.3 According to boost is the secret to what?

Ans: Energy

Q.4 Which of these brands is not known for smartphones?

Ans: Whirlpool

Q.5 Which Japanese brand is known for its watches and jewelry?

Ans: Seiko

Q.6 Which of these apps is used to identify songs?

Ans: Shazam

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today 9th November 2021

Episode 117 – DC Vs Marvel

Q.1 Which of these cricketers does not have a brother who also played international cricket?

Ans: Yuvraj Singh

Q.2 Which of these is a Japanese food item?

Ans: Sushi

Q.3 Which of these superheroes has the ability to fly?

Ans: Superman

Q.4 In video technology what does the term hd stand for?

Ans: High Definition

Q.5 The rice dish Bisi bele bath is from which Indian state?

Ans: Karnataka

Q.6 The tarantula is a type of which of these?

Ans: Spider

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today 8th November 2021

Episode 116 – Chai Pe Charcha

Q.1 The car company Kia is from which country?

Ans: South Korea

Q.2 Who owns WhatsApp and Instagram?

Ans: Facebook

Q.3 Which of these brands/companies are from India?

Ans: Louie Phi

Q.4 Endeavour/ecosport are cars from which company?

Ans: Ford

Q.5 In which of these brand ads would you see a rabbit?

Ans: Duracell

Q.6 With which brand would you associate Tetley?

Ans: Tea

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today 7th November 2021

Episode 115 – The King Of Football

Q.1 Penalty corner is a term associated with which sport?

Ans: Hockey

Q.2 Which is the covid monitoring app developed by the Indian government?

Ans: Arogya Setu

Q.3 Which of these films does not have a sequel?

Ans: Swades

Q.4 A bracelet is a piece of jewellery worn on which part of the body?

Ans: Wrist

Q.5 Which of these is not an insect?

Ans: Spider

Q.6 Which country does Christiano Ronaldo represent in football?

Ans: Portugal

Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Answers Today 6th November 2021

Q.1 The brand’s big bazaar and central are owned by which company?

Ans: Future Group

Q.2 What does the LPG in an LPG cylinder stand for?

Ans: Liquified Petr

Q.3 Ganesh Acharya is a popular name in which category in Bollywood?

Ans: Choreography

Q.4 Manpreet Singh is the captain of India in which sport as of September 2021?

Ans: Hockey

Q.5 Who is the only actor to have hosted KBC in Hindi other than Amitabh Bachchan?

Ans: SRK

Q.6 Which of these superheroes is not part of the Avengers?

Ans: Superman

How to Play Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz?

Steps are given below:

Step 1: First of all, You will download the Flipkart app on your device.

Step 2: Login in the App or create a new account.

Step 3: After that, Open the Flipkart app and go to the ‘Game Zone’ section.

Step 4: You will see the ‘Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz Banner’.

Step 5: Give all answers.

Flipkart Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute Quiz requirements and details

  • Should be at least 18 years.
  • You should have a valid Flipkart account.
  • The Flipkart Sirf Ek Minute quiz can be played only on the mobile app and You can’t participate through the web version of the platform.
  • The Quiz will start every day
  • The name of Winners will be announced within 15 days from the date of participation and the can be viewed under the Gems / Rewards section in the app.

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