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Expat Insider Rankings 2022

Expat Insider Rankings for 2022 were released by InterNations and as per the Expat Insider Rankings 2022, Mexico has topped and followed by Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, UAE, and Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Singapore are among the top 10 countries.

  • India has been ranked on the 36th place out of the 52 countries on the list, with a high affordability score.
  • While Kuwait has been ranked as the worst country for expats in the ranking.

Expat Insider Rankings for 2022 – best and the worst

  1. Mexico,
  2. Indonesia,
  3. Taiwan,
  4. Portugal,
  5. Spain,
  6. UAE,
  7. Vietnam,
  8. Thailand,
  9. Australia,
  10. Singapore
  11. Estonia,
  12. Oman,
  13. Kenya,
  14. USA,
  15. Bahrain,
  16. Brazil,
  17. Russia,
  18. Malaysia,
  19. Switzerland,
  20. Czechia.

Expat Insider Rankings:

  • A community for expatriates called InterNations conduct an Expat Insider survey every year.
  • The Expat Insider survey highlights the best possible ex-pat destinations around the world and offers the best quality of life to the people who move abroad to improve their quality of life.

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