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Odisha uses satellite technology to stop encroachment of government land

Encroachment of government land in Odisha

  • The Odisha Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik ji has decided to use Bhubaneswar Land Use Intelligence System (BLUIS) which will help to monitor changes in all government lands across the state by leveraging high-resolution satellite imagery. after BLUIS System, Odisha becomes the first state in india who uses space technology and artificial intelligence (AI) for safeguarding govt lands. the mai purpose of this is to stop the encroachment of govt lands in the Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Important Points –

  • Intelligence System will be as a geo-tagged repository of all the government lands in Bhubaneswar city.
  • Prior to this, it was a lack of adequate transparency and accountability to detect enforcement.
  • The system is equipped with high-resolution satellite imagery that will help in detecting all changes made on government lands.
  • BLUIS System is a web and mobile-based solution that is going to increase attempts to change the land use and will alert to Govt.
  • If any kind of new construction happens on government lands, then, mobile application will alert the enforcement authorities.
  • App will share the exact location. also, it will take evidences of enforcement in the form of geo-tagged images and videos.

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