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Daily Current Affairs Quiz 19 December 2023

Daily Current Affairs Quiz 19 December 2023: Get the 19 December Current Affairs Quiz based on the Astrashakti military exercise, Israel’s new Ambassador to India, Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor, Indus Solitaire Program, GPAI Summit.


Current Affairs Questions and Answers 19 December 2023

Q1. India made a significant achievement with the Akash missile in the Astrashakti military exercise.

Answer – Engaging four aerial targets simultaneously at 25 km

Q2. What is the main objective of the Akash missile system?

Answer – Short-range surface-to-air defense

Q3. Who is appointed as Israel’s new Ambassador to India, along with non-resident roles in Sri Lanka and Bhutan?

Answer – Reuven Azar 

Q4. How much amount will be spent on constructing the 402 km segment of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor?

Answer – Rs 10,903 crores

Q5. What is the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) according to the latest RBI MPC?

Answer – 4.5%

Q6. What is the primary priority of the ‘Indus Solitaire Program’ launched by IndusInd Bank?

Answer – Diamond industry

Q7. What is the expectation of S&P Global Ratings regarding credit strength in Asian emerging economies?

Answer – Stability in credit ratings

Q8. Open Market Operation (OMO) donate to monetary management.

Answer – It involves outright purchase and sale of government securities

Q9. A growing demand for a fuel price cut due to——-.

Answer – International crude oil prices stabilizing below $80 per barrel

Q10. As of December 8, 2023, What is the annual return on equities for NPS?

Answer -20.75%

Q11. How many new subscribers entered NPS under the ‘All Citizen Model’ category this fiscal year?

Answer – 3.60 lakh

Q12. How many states and UTs have been categorized as “achievers” in the LPI 2023?

Answer – 13

Q13. Which state emerged victorious in the 2023 Vijay Hazare Trophy final?

Answer – Haryana

Q14. Name of the ministry that conducted the GPAI Summit 2023?

Answer – Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

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