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Computer System Questions and Answers Set 2

Computer System Questions and Answers Set 2– The Computer Question Bank will help you in preparing for RS-CIT, CC, Patwar, O-Level, B.Ed., PGDCA, RPSC, SSC, Railways, Bank (PO, Clerk), LDC, Airforce, Delhi Police, Raj. Police, Navy, army, and much more.

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Computer System Questions and Answers

Q 1. Trackball works like ——–.

A) KeyBoard
B) Mouse
C) Scanner
D) None

Answer – B

Q 2. The ball is placed in a trackball.

A) Middle
B) Top
C) Down
D) None

Answer – B

Q 3. Joystick is used for ——.

A) Games
B) Scanner
C) Printing
D) Typing

Answer – A

Q 4. Which pen is used in graphic tablets?

A) Dot Pen
B) Red Pen
C) Special Pen
D) Blue Pen

Answer – C

Q 5. Which digitizes the graphic.

A) Scanner
B) Keyboard
C) Mouse
D) Joystick

Answer – A

Q 6. By using the lazed technique, Printed information s converted to electronic format.

A) Scanner
B) mouse
C) Joystick
D) KeyBoard

Answer – A

Q 7. Which is used to scan texts, images, printed pages, and so on?

A) Keyboard
B) graphic
C) Midi
D) Scanner

Answer – D

Q 8. ——is designed to transfer information between electronic musical instruments.

B) Electronic Instrument Digital Interface
C) a and b
D) none

Answer – A

Q 9. How many buttons does a traditional PC mouse have?

A) 4
B) 3
C) 2
D) 1

Answer – D

Q 10. Which technique lessens banking processing and clearing cheque and other documents?


Answer – C

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