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Computer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 96

Computer Awareness Quiz Questions And Answers Set 96: Computer Knowledge is considered as one of the most mark taker and easy sections in all the Competitive such as Government, Bank, and IT Jobs. in this article, we have provided a set of Computer Knowledge Online Test questions that contains Computer Knowledge including Basics of Computer, Data structure (DS), Internet, MS Excel, Software, Windows and other related questions are here.

Computer Awareness Quiz

Q.1 Which bar is used if the size of the written material is too large and cannot be displayed on the screen at the same time?

A) Taskbar
B) Menubar
C) Helpbar
D) Scroll bar

Q.2 The Background of the desktop picture is called?

A) Screen saver
B) Wall PAper
C) Monitor
D) Web

Q.3. In which option do different types of files and their extensions appear??

A) Folder Option
B) Display option
C) Fonts
D) Desktop Option

Q.4 What is the command of the EDIT menu of Note Pad?

A) Cut
B) Paste
C) Copy
D) All

Q.5 Most of the work happens in Windows?

A) Keyboard
B) Mouse
C) Joystick
D) All

Q.6 Under what name was the first version of Windows released in 1985?

A) Window 1.0x
B) Window 3.1
C) Window 95
D) Window 98

Q.7. what are the types of windows?

A) 1
B) 4
C) 2
D) 3

Q.8 New version of Windows is ——-.

A) Windows 2000
B) Windows 95
C) Windows 98
D) None

Q.9 The program that provides information about the files available on all the drives of the computer?

A) Recycle Bin
B) Windows explorer
C) Network
D) None

Q.10 How can the Internet be viewed?.

A) by Dial-Up-Connection
B) by Mouse
C) by Display Option
D) by Date

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